BFA Visual and Critical Studies, School of Visual Arts. 2015


Awards and Residencies

Family Rhodes Scholarly Award in Mixed Media

Regional Emerging Artist Residency at Artspace NC. Raleigh NC.

Leipzig International Artist Residency Scholarship. Leipzig DEU.



Hidden by Trees. Burn Magazine


Handy Minds. Michael Mutt Gallery. New York Ny

Mapping Thinking Spaces.  133 W. 21st . New York NY

House Scarf. Hosting Projects. New York NY 


Orange Scarf. Degenerate Craft Fair. New York NY 

Carnivalesque. SVA Gallery, New York NY


Pagina. Antica Libreria Cascianelli. Rome 

Reply All. Visual and Critical Studies Gallery. New York NY

Printers Proof. SVA Gallery. New York NY

Equus and Such. Mehu Gallery. New York NY

A Ghost Walks Into a Bar. 9-51 Wyckoff. Brooklyn NY

Oneric Aperatus. Williamsburg Community Center. Brooklyn NY


Camstellation. Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh N.C.

Transmission : New York to Leipzig. Archiv Massiv, Spinnerei. Leipzig, Germany

Some and Others. L.I.A. Programs. Leipzig Germany

Hello/Goodbye. L.I.A. Programs. Leipzig Germany

The Pink Flower : Preface. El Passadis. Barcelona Spain, 2016

Happy Sad L.I.A Programs. Leipzig Germany


Resurface. Artspace. Raleigh NC, 2017

Submerged. Mahler Fine Art. Raleigh NC, 2017

Waves to Live By. LUMP gallery/projects. Raleigh NC, 2017


A Snake Don't Slither it Crawls. Hosting Projects. Los Angeles CA, Jan 2018.

Mouthing a Moon, Mystic Alley, Raleigh NC, 2018

One Night Stand, Golden Belt, Durham NC, 2018